About Us


What is NSAL?

The National Society of Arts and Letters is a nonprofit organization that offers support to young artists.  It was founded in 1944, and the Saint Louis Chapter was founded in 1953.  Its members include people who have achieved a professional level of training or competence in art, dance, drama, literature, music, or musical theater, and/or are patrons of the arts. There is also a special category of Student Member, for students ages 14 - 18 who are involved in a Chapter-affiliated project. 

“We are very proud of our many years of supporting young artists who are committed to continued learning and growth within their arts discipline." -- Elizabeth Branstetter, President of the National Society of Arts and Letters Saint Louis Chapter

How do we support young artists?

The NSAL sponsors annual competitions with prizes at the chapter and national levels, including the National Annual Awards, with prizes up to $12,000; the Winston Scholarships in Two-Dimensional Art and Classical Voice, each one of which gives a total of $12,000 in scholarships; the Dorothy Lincoln-Smith Classical Voice Award Competition, with prizes up to $5,000; and scholarships for study at CalArts and the Iowa Young Writers' Studio.  The Saint Louis Chapter also grants Artist Support Awards for up to $1,000.

What are the benefits of joining NSAL?

Members meet five times per year, to report on Chapter committee activities and share information about local events related to the arts.  Each meeting includes a presentation or performance by a noted arts professional, and every spring there is a performance and presentation by the Chapter Winners in the Annual Competitions and Scholarships.  Meetings are followed by a luncheon and friendship hour. 

How can I learn more about NSAL?

Information about the history, regional chapters, and funding sponsored by the National Society of Arts and Letters may be found on the national website, www.arts-nsal.org.  For more information about the Saint Louis Chapter, contact us by email at contact@nsalstl.org.  Our Chapter also welcomes new members at any time, and you can download the Membership Form below.